Finding Love

December 12, 2011
I thought I was fine
Before I spiraled down the drain
I knew God was there
Though not yet in my heart

It started to get hard
It took effort to smile each day
I was sad
I could not think of why

My life was good
Yet I cried every dark night
I knew I should be happy
But the tears kept coming, coming, coming

It took only a friend
A friend who knew her purpose
It only took some time
To learn how to love

I was taught of love
How Jesus’ is unconditional
I was taught of God
And how great and glorious he is

I thought I was fine
Before I really knew God
But now I’m feeling amazing
Each and every lovely day

I love myself
Every imperfection on my body
No one’s words can bring me down
Because God made me beautiful

I love my friends
Like never before, like sisters and brothers
I love my enemies
In a Jesus-y sort of way, but never as much as He does

I love love
How it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy
How it spreads
Contagiously from heart to heart

I love Jesus
For loving me more than humanly possible
And how he gave his life
To save millions like me

I found my Savior
My purpose in life
And now I pray
That many will too

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