December 12, 2011
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To me, happiness is the ocean
Happiness is the feeling of the sun soaking into my skin
Smelling the salty fresh water through my nostrils
Hearing the waves crash, the kids scream, the boats roar,
And the pigeons coo to one another

To me, happiness is getting sand in between every crack and crevice on my body
Having a sunburn to where I look like a gigantic red lobster
And being in the water so long I get pruny

To me, happiness is collecting unique shells
Drinking from coconuts with curly straws
And eating any and every kind of fish I can lay my hands on

To me, happiness is being able to wake up to a picture perfect sunrise
over a picture perfect ocean
Knowing that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon

To me, living where the temperature never drops below freezing
And the trees never lose their leaves
Would give me all the happiness in the world

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