Back Against the Wall

December 12, 2011
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Seal your lips with super glue,I can't take anymore true words
Dry them good so there is no hope that I can listen to you
Breaking or healing,I don't know which one hurts worst
Just a non-miraculous child born blue flames and monsoons
If I could just reach a fingernail tip,I would overflow with joy
Just to grab your jacket or see the perfections of your face
This lurking black and white spy won't think to let me avoid
All this stringray sting,speckled with chile pepper and lady mace
Can't force fate to lean down to a 5 ft teenaged girl
One evil eye of Satan pokes out of the gris-colored smokes
And follows me through school grounds,home,and even the world
Even though I know God let the resting white blankets fall in strokes
If only...if only,so many notes to launch from the back of my mouth
Scratching my esophogus and decieving like painted on bathing suits
All these scraps of wasted time,I just want with you one stroud
Too bad the answers couldn't be ready to exist in include
Angel,let me be this if only for a day til my aunt,midnight
Just some time before I have to answer the raven's call
Let me...let us run,but never hesitate to run away from the hide
I would take your hand,but ribbons and pearls have my back against the wall

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