Poor William

November 15, 2011
You think you know so much
Well I'm sick of it
Sick of you

This time I'll let you burn

I hate this awful town
The cage you put me in
Trapped in Hell

Seeing you at every turn

You make me feel like I never died, but you don't feel the same
It's so unfair that you're alive, breathing, seething at my name

I try to touch your heart
To change myself to fit your needs
But you chained me in your basement
Oh, this time I'll let you burn.

And him! His pleading, beaten puppy eyes.
You fell for that.
Everything is turning out so wrong

You know you have me in your hands
But you're just toying with my heart
So I sit here in the dark
at your heel
under your heel

I will let you burn...next time?

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