Lonely Girl of Fright

November 15, 2011
By Zira333 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
Zira333 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
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As I lay in my bed one night
All black, no light
As I turn over to sleep
Counting sheep
Frightened at this unlikely noise
It must be a girl
It is not the tears of boys
Tiptoe to investigate
Out the door I peep
Eager to get back to counting my sheep,
The door creaks open as I touch the handle
Can’t find the light switch
Should have brought a candle
I slowly wedge open the door
There a girl be
crouched in the shadows, of my brick house
she was pretty
black hair,
yet a chill creeps up my spine
yet there is no sign
no obvious meaning of why she is here
the misunderstanding is replaced with fear
I come near
I watch as a tear runs down her icy cheeks
Bumping into her ruby lips
Her eyes somber and somewhat profound
Why was this obscure being here on my ground
On my clamed earth
Why here was she found?
She must have been around 13,
A young teen
I could not approach
Frozen as I was
As well as the fact that I’m a boy of 15
If I came close to this beauty as a boy in the night
Approaching a girl this would give her fright,
Yet, if I left her there to suffer her obvious pain,
Under this thunder and rain
I could not just leave and give no aid
So I came up to the girl
And didn’t know what to say
I wanted to tell her it was all right, it was ok
So I began my words with a hello
She looked up with her dull gray eyes
Her mouth shut she bagan to rise
Confused I asked her her name
But her expression remained the same
Cold and uncertain of what to do
I invited her in looking up at the sky
She move to the door and entered
I followed
Was this a dream
She came to the living room
She sat by the fire
I realized it was her whole attire
I slowly stared as her eyes shut
Once opened her eyes were midnight blue
Her red lips wore a smile too
The tears shriveled up and dried
Her happiness was there to hide
Petrified at her unique transformation
As if she was a creature from another world
Suddenly her gaze became a trance
With curiosity, I followed her stare
When I turned back she was gone with my glance
I could have screamed of her disappearance
Yet for some akward reason I was releaved about her appearance.
Images of this girl swimming in my head
Over welmed I climb into bed
My feeling were mixed yet I managed to sleep
Morning came quickly after a long presious night
How could I let that girl out of my site
As I steped out side my house
To go to school
A young girl stould
With gleaming blue eyes
Her silky black hair blowing in the breeze
Her ruby stretcetched into a magnificent smile
Her cheeks no longer color drained
It no longer rained
I stould there lost in this tyranny
She came close up to my ear
I had nothing to fear
Her her warm breathe wistled as she spoke
She said but one word
“Thank you” she whispered
and that’s what I heard

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