Just To Say

November 15, 2011
This is just to say,
I dont understand you and
I've known you for year
And I have yet to even
Make the slightest crack in
Your giant cement wall
That you built too high
Around you in order to
Let no one in but you
Forgot that the walls keep
Everyone else out as well
And somedays I wish
You'd let me in so I
Could see who you really
Are but everyday I see a
New side of your multiple
Personality and I still can't
Decide which one I like best
Because there are so many to
Choose from and so many
Different options just like
Your wardrobe which I
Constantly am swapping
With my own trying to
Be someone were not because
We both have these crazy ideas
Etched into our brains about
What we think people want
Us to be and everyday I see
You try harder to become
Someone that someone else
Will approve of and in the
Meanwhile I sit on your bed
Watching this transformation
Wondering what I can do to
Stop it or help you but
Then I realize that if I
Never really knew you in
The first place than how am
I supposed to help you help
Yourself because no one can
Save you but you especially
When no one knows you
Which makes me wonder if
You even know yourself
Because it seems like you lost
Yourself at some point so
How can I be friends with
Someone so lost especially
Because no matter what I try
I just don't understand you.

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