Too Many Times

November 9, 2011
By Brookie21 BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
Brookie21 BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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Too Many Times

Too many times I let love slip through my fingers
I was too quiet to stop
And for that I have never had love
Nor have I ever given my love to someone else

Too many times I never followed my heart
I could never follow it
I couldn’t trust it
Because trust can lead to betrayal

Too many times I let chances go by
I would meet a nice boy
And then I would let him slip away
Because I couldn’t act upon my feelings

Too Many times my cautiousness costed me love
I was always too afraid to let myself care
Because I did not want to get hurt in the process
I was too afraid to take a leap of faith

Too many times I let time ruin my chances
I am always running from one place to another
That I never gave myself time to love someone
I let time get in the way of what really matters

Too many times I let my head cost me love
I think too much about consequences
That I always find a reason to reject a guy
My head is destroying love for me

Too many times I let my fear undo me
I fear the pain of a broken heart
I fear going into a deep depression
I fear becoming an empty shell

Too many times regret stops me
I will regret actions I did or didn’t do
Even if I did nothing wrong at all
I felt I never did anything right

Too many times I did not speak
I could not tell the person I love
How much I love him
And now he is gone

Too many times I let doubt cloud my mind
I always doubt my own worth
I never feel like I am good enough for anyone
I feel that I will never be perfect

Too many times I let myself get in the way
I always gave myself reasons or excuses not to act upon my feelings
But in truth I am afraid of being hurt
I am afraid to fall in love

Too many times I let others make my mistake
I watch them slowly lose faith
And soon they become like me
An empty shell that will never find love

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I found out my friends couldn't go to homecoming and I also didn't have a date. I began writing how I couldn't find love and what I have become because of it.

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