He's sorry now.

November 9, 2011
His words still clouded her head.
Her heart still clinging to the cajoling lies he's said.
"'You're beautiful, I'll love you forever" is the scarred quote embedded in her heart,
Which whispers to her in the night and tears her apart.
But he didn't love her forever he was gone when she couldn't give him all she had left- something she couldn't give to him.
She told him this thinking he'd wait too and understand.
But he was gone without a second glance.

With her make up smeared over her face.
With her heart displaced.
With her emotions on the race 
She climbed her apartment stairs all the way to the roof and called him.
"what do you want"he questioned bitterly.
And she croaked," an apology"
"for what? You're an ugly hoe who didn't  mean anything to me. I was only after one thing" his burning words made her poor mind singe and sting.

She dropped her phone  over the roofs edge, and her herself followed by jumping off the ledge.

She's sure he's sorry now.

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