Cross Roads

November 7, 2011
By Brianna414 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Brianna414 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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My sky is falling, inclosing me in a small tight space.
My hopes were never in the right place.
My tears drown me.
My screams remind me.
And my heart hurts me;

But my thoughts punish me.

I gave in and tried,
But in the end it wasn’t worth my time.
I said I wouldn’t let her get to me,
But I let her destroy me.

I don’t know how to let this go.
I feel torn and filled with sorrow.
They say everyone will change;
Well this is long past the due date
And I have no self confidents to gain.

So instead of turning my page I replay my mistakes
And try to wipe them away,
But the scenes still stay.

So I continue to walk my path alone;
Because no one will ever know how wrong I feel
And what’s truly eating me to the bone.

Now with blood covering my scars
And acid tears that wipe away my fears,
I continue to walk the road that leads far away from home
And count each second everything becomes unknown.

Now I come a upon a cross roads
And I fall letting go of my sole.

There is a path to stay.
The other is to turn away.
Which will it be?
what will it take?
A dision is to be made.
And as I did before I take the path that helps me off the floor.
I rebuild my sky and try so hard to leave my sorrow and pain behind.
They are no more;
And my sole sores leaving regret out the door
and bring in fresh air only to repair what you did before.

Yes, I hear you say,
but you are on your own.
Good day and good bye now and forever more.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a way to release soo much pain and anger. In this poem I am writing about my drug admitted mom who has hurt me for the 100th time. For some reason there is a piece of me that really wants her to be there so no matter how hard I try it seems she gets to me.

Thanks soo very much for reading and sharing your comments I really to appreciate it!

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