The Stadium

October 24, 2011
By Anonymous

All the fans hoping for the best,
As I walk to my seat at the far west,
I walk up the stairs and look through the crowd,
As I see the stadium my heart will pound.

The roar of the crowd seems to ring through my ears,
Until I see all of my hopes and fears,
The ball flies past the green wet grass,
Wow! What a pass.

The smell of hot dogs, nachos, and more,
As everybody rushes through the huge red door,
Halftimes over and the flags fly,
I see a horrible pass and I think I might die.

We kick a field goal and were up by many,
As the clock runs out and I point to Kenny,
The game is over, so we rush through the door,
As we get off the stadiums first floor.

The author's comments:
The poem is about the first time i went to a huge stadium for a NFL game. I think it elates to anybody who has eve gone to any type of stadium.

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