Memories in the Rain

October 24, 2011
I remember black skies

Chaotic, rumbling clouds

Smothering the light of the sun

But barely visible through the sheets

Of falling rain

I remember how we ran

Along that stormy street

Illuminated by headlights

Soaked to the skin

But grinning from ear to ear

I remember holding Your hand

Feeling safe in Your grasp

Two links in an iron chain

As we fought our way through

The wall of cascading tears

I remember looking up

Into Your familiar face

Seeing You smile down at me

Through the drops of distortion

Our eyes shining

I remember making a promise

That for the rest of my life

Whenever it stormed

You'd be on my mind

“That's exactly what I wanted,” You'd laughed

I remember those moments

When we were running for cover

The world spinning around us

Under that vast dome

Of gunmetal gray

I remember your smile

And the love in Your eyes

And whenever I miss You the most

I let go of the world

And remember those moments

I still remember my promise

To which I still hold true

And whenever the Heavens

Let loose and cry

I shed a tear

And remember You


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