October 12, 2011
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When we talk,
its just so perfect
I don't have to worry about sounding dumb
I don't have to act cool
I can just be myself.
When you came and sat with me at recess
it was just so amazing
you decided you would rather sit with me
then play basket ball with all of your friends
even when I told you that if you wanted
you could leave
you stayed.
When you ask me my opinion
on things
and actually listen to what I say
I feel so important
because you listen more then some of my best friends.
Usually I could go on and on
and write an angry poem
about my parents
or two faced “friends”
but I can't because
ever since you became my friend,
everything has been just wonderful.

That's really the only word I can use
to describe that feeling I get
when you talk to me for the first time in a day
Wonderful is the only word I can use
to describe that time at recess
when you said that
I was cooler then those other girls.
Right now because of you
the only word I would use to describe my life is wonderful.

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