My Drama Queen

November 30, 2011
By nikkicola007 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
nikkicola007 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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It was her first day of school;
She didn’t notice me watching her
She glanced at the fellow kindergarteners
Her mind was starting to stir

She then was greeted by Mrs. Spinnelli,
Her new school teacher
She slowly started to crack a smile
From what I could infer

She scanned the other children
Up and down, up and down
She seemed nervous and slightly tense
Oh no, she’s starting to frown

With haste and hurry I ran out the car
Because I knew tears were next
After the large hug I embraced upon her
She became less and less vexed

The happier she became after our moment
Happier than I’ve ever seen
Her eyes are so bright with love
She’s always been my Drama Queen.

The author's comments:
This poem is take from the Romantic author, Emily Dickinson in her poem entitle, In the Garden. It has the same format and line structure but a whole different meaning. This piece was actually a part of an assignment I had due in English class, but I really like it.

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