I am Myself

November 30, 2011
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I am like a piece of clay,
Stubborn and unwilling
To conform to my sculptor's wishes.
I do not wish to become
The image in my artist's mind,
But to become a piece of art
That I myself can have pride in.

I am like a color, a hue,
That has its own unique tint.
I don't wish to become
The color that my painter wants,
And mix with others to lose my independence.
I wish to be in harmony with others,
Yes I do.
But I do not want to lose my own style.
Therefore I will stay strong.

I am like a melody,
That flows like seconds in time.
I change with every note
That is played to my tune.
I will not become the song
That my composer wanted to create,
But I will change the music
That he started off with,
Into a new melody that has my
Own pitch in it.

I am like a piece of art,
Willing to be styled,
But finished by myself.
I want to create myself,
Only with the guidance of others.
But I don't want to be controlled,
I wish to be
My own sculpture,
My own color,
My own melody,

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