I am Myself

November 30, 2011
By KittyChu BRONZE, Burr Ridge, Illinois
KittyChu BRONZE, Burr Ridge, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
I am me, not you, so don't tell me what to think.

I am like a piece of clay,
Stubborn and unwilling
To conform to my sculptor's wishes.
I do not wish to become
The image in my artist's mind,
But to become a piece of art
That I myself can have pride in.

I am like a color, a hue,
That has its own unique tint.
I don't wish to become
The color that my painter wants,
And mix with others to lose my independence.
I wish to be in harmony with others,
Yes I do.
But I do not want to lose my own style.
Therefore I will stay strong.

I am like a melody,
That flows like seconds in time.
I change with every note
That is played to my tune.
I will not become the song
That my composer wanted to create,
But I will change the music
That he started off with,
Into a new melody that has my
Own pitch in it.

I am like a piece of art,
Willing to be styled,
But finished by myself.
I want to create myself,
Only with the guidance of others.
But I don't want to be controlled,
I wish to be
My own sculpture,
My own color,
My own melody,

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece thinking about how people are brought up. There are those type of people that, when growing up tend to conform to what other people want them to be. Say one's parents want you to be a doctor, but he/she wish to be an actor. That type of person would most likely try to please their parents and become a doctor. What I am trying to say with this poem, is that sure you can keep the advice you receive from others. But you want to become yourself, and create who you are with your own sense of style and personality.

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