I love him for him

December 5, 2011
I love his eyes, the deep brown that look at me like I'm perfect even though I know I'm not, I love his smile, the one that lets me know he's still as in love with me as he was when we first met, I Love his laugh, the one that lets me know I make him happy even when I don't try, I love his hair, when it feels like silk as I run my fingers through it, I love his name, sweet as honey in my mouth, I love his skills, driving around without a sound, I love his singing, though sometimes off key,I love it when he sings whiskey lullaby to me, I love the feel of his hand in mine, holding tight to me all the time, I love his southern accent, it sounds so sweet, especially when he writes poetry for me, I love his taste, music especially, considering every song he knows relates to him and me, but most of all, I love his personality, he's strong, he's brave, he's independent, he loves me for me. And I love him for him, Of course, who wouldn't?

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