To the Special One

December 5, 2011
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So you say you love me?
Then prove it, my dear, beyond winks and tiny messages
But rather with feelings, coherent thoughts adults use
To show emotions more immense than what you are accustomed to,

So you cower back into your niche,
The grey between unreal and almost-real where I have lived for 32 days now,
Lowering your tail to drag
And cover the tracks you left.
You’d rather die than accept your wrongdoing.
You’d rather let someone die than end this treacherous torment.
I am living proof of your cowardice.
Consider me a veteran, with a Purple Heart still beating,
Even now not out of danger, for I am as naïve as you are afraid.
I’ve let the torture go on ever since you started it, surrendering to my bare, unadulterated craving for
Your heart, your soul, your exclusivity.
And what has this brought us?
Nothing, at all.
You are hurt and I am fatally hurt
And it’s still the meaningless story of
I love him, he loves her therefore I can NOT love him until he loves me and only me,
And shows me, gives me signs, messages,

But they show emotions more immense than what you are accustomed to.
They are used by adults to show feelings, coherent thoughts
To prove things beyond winks and tiny messages.
So you say you love me?

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