The Blind Man

December 5, 2011
By Bri014 BRONZE, North Port, Florida
Bri014 BRONZE, North Port, Florida
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Eyes, blue as ice itself.
Shoulders, as wide and strong as mountains.
Mouth, set and determined
Judging everything and everyone.
Taking in every detail, Yet showing no clue of the dignified grace trapped behind his impenetrable walls.
Living day to day.
Others can't see what Ive known my whole life.
Wanting to be everything like him, yet knowing were as different as black and white.
He is sturdy and serious and I am as simple and carefree as a dandelion drifting in he wind.
He has the knowledge of his years gone past while I am still learning the basics of life. One day, he stopped long enough to look down at me with his cold unforgiving eyes. All i could mutter was "Why am i not good enough for you daddy?" As my response he stalked away. I returned to studying him from afar. Admiring everything he does. Wondering why he can't do the same for me. Asking myself why he dosent see me.

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