Give Me A Sign

December 5, 2011
By emmma BRONZE, Clarence, New York
emmma BRONZE, Clarence, New York
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coated in dust and completely misspelled
truckers and farmers will pass me every day
and i've become an integral part of the scene

overgrown and largely ignored
no one follows my directions these days:
pumpkins, two dollars!
vote for some awful politician!
a makeshift road sign because the real one disappeared
i don’t even know what i say anymore

splintered wood is skin
black spray paint for a face
despite the horrid weather
i've managed to stay on my own two stakes
a reflection of the mind of whatever Human set me here

some of you are truckers
forever on the move, alone and together at once
the rest are farmers
in one place, growing lives from local soil
I am the connection
the afterthought
the familiar landmark
a sign posted at the side of the road

do i threaten to vanish in a funnel of wind, a bank of snow?
please remember
i am not as permanent as I seem to be
and neither are you
we are only signs of change in a desolate land

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