Ball of Dust

December 5, 2011
By sarangpoem BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
sarangpoem BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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A ball of dust freed from the never-ending maze of a computer chip
Carried by the assembly line on the cold hallway, the doors open
Lightly floating away with a drop of dandelion tear,
I let myself go to blend with the patches of plain green
Surrounded by the untouched asphalt blackboard

Beneath the feasting warmth of the sun
Beneath the sweetened shadow of the trees
Heavy-eyed footsteps lead me to the Secret Garden

Under the roof of leaves
Under the garden of petite blossoms
Competing amongst themselves trying to look taller

Beside the majestic puddle of little suns
Beside the arrogant pedals turning their backs
To the bittersweet smell, the glorious sweat of the green pillars
Smiling and holding their golden trophies high
Embracing me as I sunk with them on the earth

The author's comments:
I was writing this poem as school just started from the summer break. It was inspired by the view out the window of the computer lab, which I later went and actually sat under a bunch of flowers and observed them at a complete silence. The nameless flowers reminded me of my parents holding me up like the stems of the flowers were and how arrogant I have been despite their support. This poem is my way of saying, 'I love you' to my mom and dad.

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