Can You Do This?

December 5, 2011
By KayyTee BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
KayyTee BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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The act of pressing
or the condition of being pressed
the thought of just going along with the ideas around you
so you aren't left or out or less
the words "I dare you" is too much for you too bare
but if you don't do it,
you'll feel like a lame or a scare
you try to say no, but they just put you on the spot
and make you a show
or even the continuous force from body to body
touching till' there is nothing
the world feels like it's spinning
up, down, all around
telling you how to dress, live
speak,and grow
can't focus because of all the different lectures
can you survive with all these pressures?

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