Her high school fear

December 4, 2011
By ItsMyLife30 BRONZE, Fair Haven, Vermont
ItsMyLife30 BRONZE, Fair Haven, Vermont
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Lifes a climb, but the view is great.

She walks through the halls with her head held high.
She smiles like there is nothing to hide.
She keeps to herself a lot, but everyone knows she is really lost.
She hates how everyone talks about her.
Not like she can do a d*** thing about it.
She goes home and cries at night.
All because of that one stupid fight.
That cost her, the rest of her high school life.
She lost her best friends and herself with them too.
She has cut herself and wanted to die.
But somehow God just keeps putting her back on track.
Somewhere between all this sadness, she met a boy who changed her life.
His smile, his laugh, his outgoing and beautiful soul.
She fell in love with her best friend.
Funny thing is, he fell in love with her too.
They both are scared of getting hurt, but everyone knows its ment to be.
Maybe one day they will figure it out.
And be together and be happy at last.

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