The Good Days

December 4, 2011
By LindseyAdams BRONZE, ATL, Georgia
LindseyAdams BRONZE, ATL, Georgia
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We started as freshmen, so innocent and young
The most we looked forward to was the moment the bell rung
The days flew by and we grew up quick
With only two years left, we want the times to stick
Our Fridays were centered around that big football game
Under the lights was where everyone came
Saturday nights get crazier every year
If our parents find out, they might shed a tear
We’re making memories wherever we are
Just a few good friends, all piled in one car
Friends come and go, but the true ones stay
We hope when it’s all over none of us stray
As we all grew closer some became more than friends
We all dread the day when it all comes to an end
We’ll love and we’ll laugh without a care
And we’ll always remember the times that we shared
When the caps fly on graduation day,
We’ll all say goodbye and go our separate ways
So for now let’s stay true to the ones that we love
Cause these are the moments we’ll always be proud of.

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