Waiting for Love

December 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Knowing that he has her
Makes this even harder
Told her how I felt but it didn't make a change
Things stayed the same
And I felt I was getting played
Hoping for some changes
But waiting for a change is like waiting to be famous
I know she was with him first
But she can't tell me the chorus before I hear the verse
She told me she liked me
Then expected me to be okay
With thinking of the possibility of being a "we"
While she was with her boyfriend and him in the way
She can't skip around
And expect me not to be confused
Try to hide within the crowd
And then decide when to light the fuse
Don't know where she's headed
But while she's out with him
I'm stuck here waiting
But I am also to blame
I haven't exactly stopped her from flirting
I've been playing her game
And now is when it starts hurting
When she leaves me for him
And comes back when she pleases
And even if I feel dim
I take her in without a clear reason

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