Human Desire

December 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Human desire tears people apart.
The want for what others have,
Knowing we might never get it;
Imagining, but not experiencing
Seeing, but not feeling
Hearing, but never believing
And each time you see it, it’s like falling off
a cliff that never ends;
You feel closer with every passing
Second, every move you make and every breath you take as if
You can just reach your hand out
And grasp your heart’s true
The oblivious state that overpowers your
entire being; You would arrange close to
Anything to just touch it even betray the ones you
love and the ones that love you.
Become someone you’re not and do
Things out of your comfort zone,
But anything is better than that far too well known
feeling of emptiness burning deep within you.
To fill that unfathomable hollowness would be any great man or woman’s
Triumph, but stay true to yourself and you just may get what you absolutely

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