As Long as You Stay

December 4, 2011
By Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
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"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."

If we set a fire,it would drown in this beautiful storm
Some people become the flame's entree,but we don't want to burn trees
The way the chorus breathes dreamily is far from the norm
As mother earth listens to our joy-filled screams and laughing pleas
Let us walk on water as the forest turns into bioluminescance
And keep holding my hand til we reach the end of the world
Words spoken by the dying spirits don't mean two cents
Because sometimes their serenity in a quiet boy and dreaming girl
Hear my silver voice; let me tell you how much you mean to me
What I wouldn't do to look into those eyes of caribbean
Comfort my sand-covered arteries,so much that I do not need
Just the thought,that tedious simple thought knocks me in
So,don't set our world ablaze because roses don't grow from sparks
And only then can the color blue walk calmly in our footsteps
Being so far from your warmer breaths is all time too hard
With the stitched,shoe-laced affair,my bad tongue was all I kept
free,for redemption eats everything,whether it's depression
Or painful lust in the darkest part of my feeling sway
No sign of agony,no sign of sleeplessness or agression
I'd give all these things up as long as you would stay

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