Cast in the Sunlight

December 4, 2011
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Uck,disgusting this procaine-covered snake slithering it's way in
Into my chest,ever so slowly constricting at the beating thing
Air between it's tongue,reminding me of all my deadly sins
Using it's hands to drag me down so I can clearly know what it needs
"Sleep" it whispers, "Sleep with as much terror in your throat as you can"
"How,though?" I ask,"How can I accept what whips have lashed my bore?"
No response,no answer just making my hest sink quicker than quick sand
Why have I been to this place a trillion times in before
Please Lord I fall to your awesome feet and kiss the ground
Afraid of looking up,because I can't really attempt to see
This honking object in my brain,calling me a devilish clown
Red nose smashed against the ear drum,telling my no such thing as free
Snake and clown,I don't need you clouding my blurred vision
I have enough to deal with in my present life
Walk through marbled tiles and dirty carpets,but I keep wishin
That God in the silver laned heavens would tell me I'm alive
Please,let this blinding darkness be all more you'll let me take
So that I don't have to deal with jagged rock tides
For once,I want to be shining moon that never fades
And know that you have finally cast me in the sunlight

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