Chains of Gold

December 4, 2011
By Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
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What an ugly color,absolutely appalling to my nose and stomach
All the finely made ropes in the world couldn't blind me from it
The truth that I am this pathetic being,always ready to throw a fit
I wish I could discover hidden jewel-encrusted qualities,but not one bit
It's so artificial,I hope that the lanes of heaven are made of silver
I pray that I can even be allowed to see and walk with the divine
So far, I find myself the demon's brow,with too many quivers
Keep yearning for that Victoria's Seret girl only to fail to find
Bloated,my self-loathing fills my stomach with rotted bread
Insisting that I don't eat enough eternal sins and souls
My red sprite keeps saying and spouting no nonsense in my head
This rusted metal lays with no purpose,shining like fire coals
Not a dream,this is life and I just can't live with that
Can't hange the reason I wake up and the reason I have to breath
Only to find myself being the seed of the devil, a spoiled brat
With heart of slick,oily bkaj abd eyes of thick,bloody red
Don't give me the key,I have to do my time in this prison cell
Punishment must be srved with satin and made be bold
So I don't have to be terrified of burning in a place called hell
For the time being,I remain in these chains of gold

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