I'm Not Dead

December 4, 2011
By Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
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"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."

Here,right here breathes tendrils og angst,begging for attention
White lights bound with star-dust specks of silver and blue
Scratches grazed across my cheeks with no need to mention
Black shirt around my bust,but my soul stands purely nude
I wasn't made to force happiness down throats of the unwilling
Or to warm the feet of government officials or kings
Walking on stormed oceans is enough of the thrillings
To cause blood pumps to beat with the pace of bird wings
Even after the tears have been squeezed out of my skull
I can walk any green carpet I want,I've already paid
What's the point of wanting when ears are deaf to the heart
And the eyes are blind to the phsycopath in front of us
Expecting us to carry their golden chains and grey lard
No,don't think of polishing a velvet box to put in their trust
Bang,bang shoot pistols of nickel bullets all you want
Aim for my eyebrows,teeth,or anything on my head
Pan has his hooves so dug in your brain,but your so far gone
Well that only makes one of us because I'm not dead

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