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December 4, 2011
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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Favorite Quote:
if you take the "F" out of Life
you'll be living a lie-Carz Kemp

The Mirror Smashes,
The Person He Use To Be
Burns To Ashes,
Little Pieces Of Him On The Floor,
Just a Reflection of who he is,
They break him in even more,
to try to understand the life he lived.

He cant forgive who he is,
Because of who he use to be,
He was the one who realized all along,
He was his own worst enemy,
Caught, lost in the lie of broken pieces,
of who he ought to be.

His momma told him to stop running,
But the truth is,
he was only afraid of who he was becoming,
So the running, was really a way of severing ties,
Broken memories, stolen of lost lies,
the only thing still left of him in the mirror,
was a broken child.

Inside his mind, was a city that always cried,
lost hope, in the hurt he couldn't hide,
but what he did hide, he hid it all well,
you see his life wasn't about show an tell,
and what they did see, was only little truth,
to cover up his secret hell, his inner-self, living proof.

He tells the truth, about himself,
but he never tells all of it,
Its not a lie, just a fire he's afraid to play with,
he doesn't want the pain to rise,
so he falls into the shame of it.

inside it cuts deeper than a knife,
fakes a face that's a wall to his life,
but there's some faces you really cant fake,
like love, and the pain you can no longer take,
so he hides in the broken pieces,
he didn't wish to embrace.

He's afraid to be called a statistic,
just a "black American"
in the laws of logistics,
The call him a saint, someone gifted,
but i bet when he does wrong,
they wont hesitate to call him what he is,
a Statistic.

So he hides, not from who he his,
but where he came from,
its not because its a life he's ashamed of,
he just doesn't want it boil down,
to what he can become.
so he runs, to the speed of sound.

The worst pain, he could ever swallow,
is what he's afraid of, what he'd become,
because even when the war is won,
The child still Becomes, The Deadly Hollow.

You see his memories are his worst enemy,
and all his memories lie in himself,
so he runs away, and he flees from help,
because he learned his whole life,
all he had was himself.

No one could stand next to him,
in his pit of shame, because they only tried to hurt him,
with their personal games,
But he doesn't try to judge, for the feelings mutual,
The truth is, every human is good and evil.

So if he could understand himself,
he would tell you the truth,
Instead of making walls to protect his youth,
so if you give up, that's what he expects,
he'd rather not take your mental neglect,
Its not your mind, or your life to dissect.

He gives you his inner thoughts,
to make your own, so call it what you will,
you will never know, unless you take the time,
to leave him alone,
because that's when he takes the time to get to know,
the child inside, he forgot to show.

So he hopes that in time you'll try to forgive him,
it wasn't his fault what he was secretly feeling,
and when all is lost, I'm all hes got to hold him.
and all though, the boy doesn't know he was stolen,
I still take the time to tell him he's golden,
Because that's what he is, even if he is broken.

When no one takes the time to understand,
I'll protect him like the father he never had,
correct him every-time on what makes him a man,
and I'll keep him from the dark in the times of sad.
Because when the lights go off, I'm all I have.

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