Look at me Now

December 4, 2011
By glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Don’t pull back my curtain. If you pull back my curtain your wonderful first impression of me will be ruined. You’re content on thinking that because I look like a punk I am a punk. My curtain consists of piercings and tattoos and fowl language. Don’t pull it back unless you’re ready for the truth. When you pull it back you’ll see butterflies and art and poetry. You’ll see beauty in every inch of me. Don’t pull back my curtain. I want you to think that I’m capable of handling myself. That I am happy with being the smartest person in my school. Don’t pull back my curtain. If you do you’ll see nothing. I am a dark empty hole. I don’t want any of this. I have nothing to show you. Don’t pull back my curtain. You’ll get the surprise of a life time. My curtain is pink and decorated with glitter and everything girly. It’s decorated with manners. The manners that you think I actually have. When you pull back this curtain you’ll see the ugly truth. I’m a screwed up mess. I don’t use manners and I think everyone is below me. Please don’t pull back that curtain. Hi! It’s me! Pull back my curtain. What you get on the outside is what you get on the inside right? Maybe not…you’ll never know.

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