Under Pressure

December 4, 2011
By glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The yearning to reach perfection is in all of us. But since there is no such thing as perfection, it is impossible to actually achieve it. These pressures want us to work hard to actually make a status in life. All of these pressures want us to achieve the unachievable. They want us to work hard, to maintain our status in life. They drive us and keep us going. They are good and evil, two in one. Without pressures you would get nowhere. You would be nowhere. Maybe you already are nowhere because of them. But they got you there and in that sense they got you somewhere. Pressures can go either way. It depends on how you deal with the pressures handed to you. What’s your pressure? Your pressure is mine. It becomes our pressure that we have to handle together. It becomes a fight that we need to get over. Pressures combine in forcers of energy that builds up so high it’s over whelming. They stare you down and look you straight in the eye. They’re taunting you, daring you, asking you. Are you ready?

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