Train Track Dawn

December 4, 2011
By LianaSaleh SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
LianaSaleh SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
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I took a stroll down some train tracks
Before today’s grapefruit sunrise
I placed my dusty toes on each rung in the tracks
An endless road has never felt so beautifully fragile
Where death can quickly chug into my vision
In a fleeting, heat stricken moment

The breeze blew my hair into licorice knots,
Whispered its warm morning breath into my open face
That were leaking tears into a living dawn
A dawn trapped within the bars of an endless railroad
Meant solely for wandering minds
And watercolor eyes

I poured a little sky into my palms
And watched the clouds float between my fingers
And when my bootlaces snagged on a stray branch
Caught between two kissing rungs
In the horizontal ladder to the horizon
The velvety blue daydream slipped from my fingers

I pretended to be puddle-jumping in pools of sky
Splattered in the nooks and crannies of a muddy mess of ground
My boots leaving uneven rugged tracks as I ran after my lost thoughts
For those wanderers after me to follow
And I thought that maybe that sky I spilled would evaporate
And leave behind a maze of lonely clouds to dream through

The sparks rising from the far end of the track
Finally lit the clouds on fire
And I watched the sky ignite in smoldering flames
As a world of flame slowly rose from the end of the earth
And my only worry in the world
Was chasing that orb of pure beauty all the way down the endless dawn

My heartbeat grew swifter than my boots could run
As I flew down those tracks faster than a train itself
With strands of my hair knotting themselves in my eyelashes
I raised my face up to the pale, not yet fiery mid-sky and laughed
Determined to beat the sky itself to the sun
And steal it’s omnipotent heat from the real world

My fingertips covered in muddy sky reached towards the conflagration
Endless miles stretching between me and my sun
And I realized that the forever dawn in those endless tracks
Would never let me up and out of my daydreams
To the freedom that is the world
In it’s glorious midday splendor

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