December 4, 2011
By glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
glory2u GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I itch, I scratch
I scratch, I itch
My skin peels then bleeds
Healing potions are at the top of my needs
I see you staring
Is that a look of disgust? A look of disgrace?
Stop scratching and tearing.
Hahaha! I wasn't blessed with that grace.
But then there are those others who tell me to get over it.
I’ve tried that and it just got worse itch by itch.
I itch, I scratch,
I scratch, I bleed.
Can you see what I see?
I see you staring.
I hear the words that you’re thinking
You’re thinking I’m infected
Your thinking that there has been a problem detected
You see the grossness, uncontrolled
I have no control when I scratch
I can’t help it
I itch, I scratch
I scratch, I itch
Is it too much to ask for this to end?
I don’t want to itch
I don’t want to scratch
I don’t want you seeing
I don’t want you knowing
I want to be the pretty girl with her hair blowing
Words flowing
Skin glowing
I want it to go
I itch, I scratch
I scratch, I itch
The cycle never ends

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This article has 1 comment.

on Apr. 19 2012 at 3:20 pm
That is excactly how i feel great poem! It feels nice to know that someone fells the same way 


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