thrfiting oblivion

December 4, 2011
By Kenya Thompson BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
Kenya Thompson BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
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Excitement overwhelms her
as she treads through the door.
The aroma of used clothing,
books, luggage, and décor.

All her distractions
must be set aside.
Except a list,
which is placed at her side.

Fashion trends are recycling.
High-waist jeans,
and gas station shirts.
Capri pants.
Floral skirts.

Slap bracelets, and cat suits.
She cannot help but chuckle.
Heavy shoes, with thick heels,
and buckles.

She enjoys this too much.
Smiling ear to ear,
“Are people watching me?”
Asking, although she does not care.

Checking her watch,
it has been almost an hour.
Snaps out of thrifting oblivion,
and begins to devour

the clothes all around her.
A rug for her room,
and shoes for school,
as time continues to zoom.

Two more hours have finally passed,
and her shopping cart can clutch no more.
Three missed calls from mom,
she has got to leave the store.

Waiting impatiently in line,
she goes over the items she’s about to buy.
“How are you?” the cashier chimes,
“Just in a hurry” she replies,

with hopes that she caught the sign.
“$16.53 is your total ma’am”
she is in absolute disbelief,
she wants to scream, maybe punch a door.
So instead, she decided to sing,

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