Over you

December 4, 2011
By caycay15 BRONZE, Marysville, Ohio
caycay15 BRONZE, Marysville, Ohio
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Cyril Connolly

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You know that tear I shed over you?
I wiped it away with a stern finger and recollected my thoughts.
You know that song I sang in your mane?
I sang another in my name.
You know that verse I wrote about you/
I erased it and replaced it with a paragraph about how awesome I am.
You know that text conversation between us?
I deleted it.
You know that valley I fell in when I met you?
I climbed a mountain.
You know that ocean I sank in with your arm around me?
I learned to swim.
You know that sad song I sang over and over again?
I bough new music.
You know those memories I have of us?
I don’t remember

The author's comments:
this is a poem I am positive most of you can relate to at least in some way. Enjoy. Feel free to post a comment or two!

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