An Eclipsed Spotlight

December 4, 2011
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I’ll just sit,
draped across the floor like
a ragged tailcoat. I'm
in the room again –
I’m always in the room,even
when I’m not there at all.
Shattered mirror embedded into a circular wall is
spiralling in on me; reflections peering
through the eye of
the hurricane, it’s
everywhere, creating
images of me,swimming
in and out of
focus. I
can’t even remember my real face anymore –Just
flashes of familiarity seeping through from the other side.
There’s a spotlight on
me, black light,there are
a billion people in the room, an
army of flaws – I’m
the biggest –
I kick out at a mirror, aim to destroy it, it shatters
further and more images are
created, I let the weight
of my heart pull me
down; body shaped as half a
what’s the use?
I’ll never be just

I’ll just sit.

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