Striving Mother

December 9, 2011
By chey1796 BRONZE, Gwinn, Michigan
chey1796 BRONZE, Gwinn, Michigan
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A mother strive to bring her children,
into the world with not enough,
Think deeply of the world around her.
The sadness that is there,
all she sees.
Search for peace and happiness,
that hinds behind a strangers face.

Wonder why it is not in plain sight.
Why is happiness so far away? Not in my hands?
The dear mother thinks so deeply.
To desire so much wealth, that will never come.

There is a heart inside her,
But though it has started to loose hope,
she will stay strong and brave for what she loves most.
Her children.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem as a companion piece to Dorothy Lange’s pictures of the migrant mother. When I saw those pictures It effected me in such a way, I wanted to go inside of the picture and help the mother and her children.

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