December 9, 2011
Laughs wander through the wind like a sweet melodic trespasser. The
sound of my cries are drowned out by the beauty of the rushing,
beautiful water.My senses blocked by the rising sun's unique beauty. I
feel nothing almost as though I were being numbed by something as
sickeningly sweet as a mysterious death.

Without Love a natural beauty can never flourish.
It will only grow cold and poisonous.
As thoguh one look could turn you to stone, or one bite will make your
blood boil. Mirrors are pointless to this dangerous beauty, she can't
bear to live in a world where others control her.
She must over power everyone.
The power runs through her body and collects in her heart.
Her soul turning black as night, from all the disgust she feel fro the world.
Her eyes are as narrow as a cats, as though she were watching every movement.
Her lips are silent, but very capable of turning into a grimace and
freezing anyone who dared turn against her power.
Her voice as high pitched as nails on a chalkboard, but will easily
distort and be very threatening.

As I slowly stroll between two worlds I see two possible futures, but
only one past.
The sun is a warm and touching embrace while the moon is a chilling
sense of protection.
One world can only be chosen whether it be painful and agonizing or it
can be a numb substitute of happiness.
Death awaits both worlds.
To choose my end is excruciating in a way that almost burns my soul.

The sun slowly begins to set and the danger will soon begin.
The moon slowly rises as the sky turns a sinister and ominous black

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