Love Stinks

December 9, 2011
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
has your heart ever been broken in 2

Black and Red
are such great colors
when it was spread from one heart to another

Life is a sickness
We can't explain
it's like a drug
filled with pain

tears fall from my eyes
thinking it didn't happen
but when I saw your face
I knew I had to imagine

People, Places, Things
all remind me of you
I just can't help thinking
how you tore my heart in 2

2 will become 1
in about a week
I found someone new
that is not so weak

Life is a game you play
just like Jeopardy, Monopoly
or a Jig Saw Game
when you find the right one it will stay the same

How am I suppose to show my feelings
when every thing is new
my old memories surround me
with a picture of you

a picture of you circles my head
all day and night
hoping its just a dream
because it gives me a fright


Hopefully it isn't true
the things I learn about you
learn, learn that's all I ever do
when is there ever time for me and you

when ever I see your face
you give me such disgrace
but when I need someone close
your the one I need the most

the most out of all my day
the voice that gives me praise
your the one I have to say
is some what losing me everyday

losing me is your worst fear
because when I am gone
no one is near
do you feel that fear

I felt that when you hurt me
why can't I just see
you don't belong with me
do you see?

that's maybe the truth
but when your near
all I can do is shed tears
why can't you just disappear

out of my head
out of my face
no where in near
no where in place

you thing you can come back
straight into my life
thinking it didn't happen
boy, I knew you had to imagine

you think your all that
the boss of me
a drama queen
boy, you better think again

just go away
haven't you caused enough pain
I wish for it to rain
rain away the pain

I would live happier,
safer, more free
than ever before
for you to be gone and be no more

the pain, the hate
just won't go away
as long as your here
nothing ever will

so for now
I'll live with the pain
until yesterday
you were just a give away

everything I gave you
I want everything back but you
nothing ca erase you
why is that a problem to you

you make it rain tear drops
when your near
everything surrounds me
surrounds me with fear

the fear you cause when your near
the fear you cause when your far
nothing can stop us here
until I reach the stars

I am missing my real life
so get over your despite
you are the one
I have to say
is out of my star light
forever in a gaze
forever out of sight

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old timer said...
Dec. 22, 2011 at 2:04 pm
I feel your pain. Thank you for sharing with me.
Poetry1518 replied...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 7:46 am
your welcome
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