December 9, 2011
By NGGuerrette GOLD, Litchfield, New Hampshire
NGGuerrette GOLD, Litchfield, New Hampshire
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If the world is one thing, and we are another then we should entitle ourselves into that, because it is the law that resides in our heart to go forth and to examine the rest of us… -Myself

Dawn circles in and beyond valleys of clouds
Draped in water, unimaginable by belief
Under waves of pressure, the wind breaks through
To follow along the steps of the tide

It can be sensed by the perfume of orchards
Dancing gracefully without weight upon her
Upon the orchards, the fruit of the wounds fell
Elegantly to be plucked with precision

I see the clothes of the halo
Singing in the breeze at summer
The longing for you
Is pouring upon me like rain

Is this the final day?
Or the last time around

Analog against the digitalism
Their personality differs
Two crosses of beauty, shed in the light of God
Buried in the flowers of the Church

The piano plays only for her
With a sound like draining water
Returning gracefully
To revive her into the sunshine
And the ocean inside

I see her in the orchard
Dancing and prancing
Seeing the face of the sunshine
Transforms the night into day

I write to her and she replies
I can see the valley
And I can smell her perfume
The orchards are growing
The sun is setting
But she is with me
So I’m alright

The author's comments:
Opeth's Hessian Peel
I hope that people will get that there actually IS hope in the world and that people can love and if they shun themselves away from it, they can never find it.

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