December 4, 2011
By Mercadel BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Mercadel BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Surrounded every day with a prospect that most don’t have,
makes me wonder how everyone grew up so fast
or was it just I that never wanted to press the gas.
Some think that this prospect does not exist much anymore,
except for children who think they still have the entire world to explore.
Should I be ashamed of the fact
that I have a so called weird pact
that is hard now a days to keep intact.
Is it normal to have a fear of loneliness in this world,
just because I have not yet to be kissed until my toes curled.
One would propose that out of the 365 days a year,
I would have found one moment to hold so dear.
Believe it or not, for me it is hard knocks
to be able find someone that would even meet my mid-waist lock.
I am proud at most times to reveal my innocence,
Because those are the times that people start to reminisce
about dear moments or even dear moments that some have missed.
Here is the statement that has followed me around.
If there is ever a guy who assures me and a moment that I know will fulfill me,

then that will be the time I will abound myself with my choice.
Until then my innocence still reigns
and with it my mid-waist will continue to be chained.

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