December 3, 2011
If I had to describe you In one word
It could not be done.
If I had to go to the end of the earth for you
I’d do it without a “uhhhh.”
If I had to lie for you
I would do it in no time.
If I had to save you
I would put my own life on the line.
If I had to bring MAMA back from the dead
I would do it just because it would make you less sad.
If I had to take all the regret out of your mind
I would do it so your life wouldn’t quickly pass by.
If I had to rob a bank for you
I would ask you which bank.
If I had to make it snow for you
I would ask “Christmas eve, or Christmas day.”
If I had to bring the world into a state of peace for you
I would do it in a heartbeat.
If I could buy love, hope, and faith
I would do it for you no matter what they say.
If I could do all these things I would
But I can’t in many ways
But the one thing I can do is love you everyday. - DEDICATED TO MY NINO

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