I'm Not a Piece of Marble

December 10, 2011
By NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
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What do I look like?
A piece of marble?
A piece of wood?
How about stone?
Is that what I am
Marble you mold into a perfect image
Your idea of a perfect image
Your art
It's pathetic really
You try forming each piece of this art
Grab your chisel
Grab your mallet
Or hammer
Start chiseling away
All my imperfections
Choose your chisel carefully
Everyday a different way
A new imperfection to chisel away
Or try to
This art you form
Isn't Art
Art doesn't need to be perfect
These imperfections
Are what makes this art
See my imperfections?
No I'm not perfect
I'm a piece of art
With all my imperfections
I'm not a piece of marble
That you can
Slowly chisel away

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