December 10, 2011
By NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
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I used to think
I was worthless
Not important enough
For anyone to care
Never to be loved
I formed my little masks
Hid myself from the world
Then someone
Showed me I was beautiful
Told me to break my masks
And show what I was within
They showed me I was worth something
Showed me everything inside

But you
You make me hide it all again
Make me feel like I once felt
Tell me what I am to you
Watch as I believe
The person I love the most
Who is suppose to care
I'm nothing to you
I'm just your punishment
For your sins
Keep talking
Show me how much you care
Continue to imply
How insignificant my life really is
Who knows
I might believe you

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