Just Hold Me

December 10, 2011
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So easy to say
Get over it
Always saying
"I'm fine"
Faking a smile
It's easy
When you're breaking inside
At first
Then, it gets hard

So hard to ask for help
When you feel so alone
Hard to fake a smile
When it hurts so much

So what if I can't
I can't just "get over it"
I'm not fine
This smile is a lie
It's getting too hard to lie
So I don't
In front of you
It has become so hard.
The pain inside
Too much to bare
To proud to just say
"I don't want to talk,
I just want someone to hold me"

Feeling cold and alone
Just wanting someone to hold me
Like he holds them
To care for me
Like he cares for them
To love me
Just hold me
Even for a second
Make me feel like them

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