Deceiving Mirror

December 10, 2011
By NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
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When you look in that mirror, what do you see?
Your eyes looking through
A mirror that deceives
But I look into your eyes
Seeing the truth
Ask me what I see
My answer is far from your thoughts
Your Beauty
Inside and Out
A diamond could not compare

The opposite
Of reality
You choose to believe
Every thought in your head
Taking the "easy" way out
Too afraid or proud
To drop that guard
Refusing to let
Yourself be held
Instead of the other way around

Being so strong
Day in and day out
Can't you see?
I'll stand by you in your weakest moments
Blood gushing down your arm
As tears flow down your face
This pain you keep inside
Slowly seeps out to hit me

It hurts to see one you love so in disarray
Like being punched in the stomach
Again and again
Hurting you more and more each time
No way to stop it
No way to ignore
I stand here
Unable to help
Or to tell you
Break this deceiving mirror
That's tearing you apart
I will help you
Break it into a million pieces
Before it breaks you

The author's comments:
Don't believe the lies.

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