December 10, 2011
By NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
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Did that make you angry?
No, don't answer that
I could already see it in your eyes
Did you catch a glimpse
Of how that feels?
How I feel every day
No, it's not so bad
Not always
Sometimes it's nice to be ignored
By others
But you
Yes, you
What happened to being there?
Through all the bad
You used to know
Without me having to tell you
Without someone almost having to force you to notice
But that has all changed
It's okay
I understand
It's that feeling

Now left here I wonder
If it's just a waste of time
But is it really so much effort
To truly listen
So my thoughts go abroad
I don't fit into these schedules
Like an extra puzzle piece that doesn't fit
It's easier if I am thrown away right?
If you bothered to truly listen
You would see
Inside I'm not okay
I once was
Until it all came rushing back

Go ahead
Laugh all you want
Day in and day out
It really is funny
Being ignored
By everyone
Then you started to become everyone
At least everyone that mattered

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