Truth is...

December 10, 2011
By NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
NCab94 PLATINUM, Lexington, Nebraska
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What if i march right up to you
Look you straight in the eye
What if i do that
And tell you what you told me so long ago
Would you believe me

Truth is
I'm not sure even i can

Would you even care
Did you ever

If i walk up to you and say
I still miss you
Would it matter
Would it make a difference

The truth is
I don't know if i really miss you

If I told you of my confusion
Would you make my mind clearer
Would you utter a word

If I asked you what changed
Would u shrug me off
Would you just walk away

Truth is....
You already have

The author's comments:
What would you do?

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