My Final Fantasy

December 11, 2011
By Ilireaven BRONZE, Yes, Louisiana
Ilireaven BRONZE, Yes, Louisiana
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I live for these moments,
Where time slows and reality shifts,
The real becomes fantasy,
And the fantasy becomes real.

They give me the escape I need,
From this life I live,
They help me enjoy my time here,
And they give me hope.

I live for these moments,
Where things change beyond recognition,
The colors meld into one,
And objects change into something different,

They give me a better sense of the world,
The help me understand this place,
They help me remember what’s real,
And what isn’t.

I live for these moments,
Where the real is shattered and time stops,
Where fantasy runs rampant,
And the reality hides away.

It’s these moments when I am free,
Free from this white place where I live,
The pills the people make me take,
The needles they inject into me.

These are the moments that help me escape,
Escape the white that binds me,
The screams I hear,
And the people that hate me.

And the world of reality,
For I enter my final fantasy.

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