Perfect Guy

December 10, 2011
Why did you come back?
I was happy
you were gone
out of my head
out of this world
I found the perfect guy
with turquoise eyes
then you barged right in
into my life
you know when you're here
I can't focus
you're all I see
you fill me with misery
I think of us
what could have been
and how much you hurt me
you will never know
how much I fell for you
it's way too late now
I've found the perfect guy
with turquoise eyes
yet you
you're all I think about
so get away from me
please just set me free
I need to be with him
you just make me mean
I really hate you
oh so very much
but I just can't stop loving you
You know that I was happy
for once
Is that why you came back?
you know I can't resist you
Your piercing grey eyes
stare straight at me
I cannot move
I cannot breathe
you flood my head
thoughts of hate
thoughts of love
so please just leave me alone
or else I'm doomed
to go back to you

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